This is Me Typing: Part 1

I’m just a girl… standing in front of a screen… asking you to read this maybe

See what I did there? Ya me neither I was hoping you would explain it. Nvm.

Hi, I’m Kira.

This is my blog. It’s called Words4Food. (lol get it… like food for thought? No? You’ll get there.)

I may have introduced myself to the Internet objectively way too many times at this point. Yeesh. Let’s briefly review.

One time I announced on my Tumblr that I was gonna “write consistently somewhat” on that platform from thenceforth. Here are my thoughts.

  • hahahahahaha
  • it’s been roughly 6 months. HENCEFORTH I’ve literally posted twice.
    • No writing though. Just some good ol’ humorous mythology reblogs.
  • I am the worst 🙂

Not too long after that proclamation of mine, the online magazine Feminine Collective published one of my poems (Doll Face) and I was more than pumped. I’m pretty sure I peaked. It was the first time someone who’s not me ever actually showed a poem I wrote to an actual audience made up of people who aren’t just my friends and/or family members (AKA those of whom I passive aggressively ask to read poems not too often but also not infrequently).

  • So ya in retrospect I perhaps got a lil too excited and consequently typed a really aggressively long bio in the author section of my poem’s page
    • oy
    • literally ikr
      • like calm tf down Senior-Year-of-College Kira, nobody is gonna read all of those words
      • sit your anxious little almost-graduated ass down and eat a vegetable / take a shower
    • You know the emoji that’s laughing but also crying. That’s how I feel when I read that bio.
      • 🙂

Here’s one more example for this review of introductory milestones I’ve somehow managed to drag on and on and on. I have a good amount of articles I’ve written published on Odyssey.

  • I’m actually pretty happy looking back at how consistently I wrote on that platform for a while. Nice
    • I just high-fived myself. You didn’t see because you’re not here
      • but I feel like you trust me when I say I most definitely did high-five myself and I wouldn’t lie about it
      • I really value high-fives. I think they’re really important. I’m getting distracted. I do that a lot. This is why I communicate via outlines. It’s for our own safety/sanity
  • Anyway so in the “About Me” section on my Odyssey author profile, I provided a fairly straightforward list of information delineating my personality for you (lol you’re welcome). I’m gonna quickly reiterate some of those listed points right here just for you to get the gist:
    • knit while pre-gaming
    • get hype over show tunes
    • doodle stuff & color things
  • Wait guys awh I remember when my first Odyssey article got over 100 shares and my lil heart did lil jumping jacks. I was so excited to write all of the things
    • I high-fived myself back then too. Logically. As I stated before, high-fives are important
    • The article was called “Remembering How to Breathe Like a Human
      • lol I feel like that’s vaguely ironic now
        • this may have to be a discussion for another time
  • In all honesty, right now, I just really wanna feel as excited as I was back then about showing my writing to you (yes you, you beautiful Internet, you)
    • I didn’t mean to make you wait so long for me to bounce back from dwelling in my little avoidant cave filled with writer’s block and shame
      • 🙂 here I am

So I think it’s time to get my shit together. Again. Hopefully this’ll be the last time I introduce myself, and from here on out I’ll actually commence typing mental vomit onto this website of mine consistently for the world to enjoy.

lol what is this ‘consistency’ you speak of?

If I had a dollar for each time I’ve said that my website’s been “in the works” over the past few months, I’d probably be able to afford an arguably sub-par bottle of wine from a local convenience store. Like a double digit price. The good shitty shit on the top shelf next to the store-brand fancy crackers. Heck yeah.

This blog post is me metaphorically pouring two glasses of that wine. One for you; one for me. Let’s have a toast, shall we? 

Here’s to us, Internet. Cheers.

Here’s to the promise of a Part 2 for this Words4Food blog series: This is Me Typing at some point in the relatively near future.

  • … and here’s also to you reading it because if you do, honestly, you rock and you’re my favorite
    • and I just wanna take this opportunity to send you a virtual high-five
      • and you know high fives mean a lot to me
    • I feel like this is really intimate. I’m not mad about it
      • This could be the beginning of a nice friendship
        • tbh Troy and Gabriella are singing Start of Something New in my head rn
    • I hope you feel it too

I’m gonna stop over-thinking about what else to type on this final ~introduction~ for my blog. If I keep trying to spell out all of the things I wanna tell you about myself in this one post, then I’m never gonna publish it, due to inevitably drowning in nonsensically ordered bullet points. I know you know I do that a lot. Ugh we’re already getting to know each other so well, see? This is gonna work. Do you trust me? I trust you.

  • am I getting weird?
    • I lit. er. al. ly.
      • do
        • not
          • care
        • lol
      • wtf am I doing
  • I’m just really excited I’m sorry but also not sorry at all

This coming now, I promise that if/when I feel writer’s block being rude, I’m gonna allow my past self to scold my current self via my old Odyssey article, “Stop Avoiding Your Somethings”. I think that’ll come in handy.

I hope we meet again very soon in this world.

In the meantime, you can possibly fill subtle voids by scrolling through my portion of the Instagram world if you ever get bored. That’s the land where my blog was born.

  • :’) meh


I’m gonna stop typing now.

Until next time, friend. This has been nice.

– Kira





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