This is Me Typing: Part 4

oh hey… can we, uh… talk?

I owe you so many explanations, my dearest Internet buddy ol’ pal. I know I haven’t been good to you lately. You can yell at me if you want to. I deserve it. You’re so right – I can’t keep playing with your heart like this. Ever since I started this blog series (This Is Me Typing), I’ve been consistently handing you empty promises about my plans to change for you.

  • The first time I lied to you was in Part 1. Specifically, I remember typing: “This coming now, I promise that if/when I feel writer’s block being rude, I’m gonna allow my past self to scold my current self via my old Odyssey article, Stop Avoiding Your Somethings” 
    • lol yoooooooo for real though, not ONCE has “my current self” yet taken time to actually read that article in efforts to combat my lack of mental strength to carry on being a responsible adult who intends to “write for a living.”
      • hahahahaaaaaaa ha
        • Don’t look at me I’m ashamed.
  • After that, I wronged you twice more via Part 2 and Part 3 when in both of those blog posts I wrote words intending to convince you that I’d supposedly FOREVERMORE BE BETTER AT CONSISTENTLY COMMUNICATING WITH YOU.
    • I’m not yelling I’m just emphasizing my feelings of resentment toward my own verbal malarkey, ya know?
      • I wouldn’t ever yell at you.
        • lol please keep reading this.
  • This particular post (This Is Me Typing: Part 4) is different from all that, okay? You wanna know why??
    • … because I hereby promise to make zero promises to be different.
      • I am chaos and chaos is me.
        • Let’s enjoy it together, shall we?

I’m glad we finally worked through that strife together. Thanks for being you.

It’s now time to talk about fun things. I’m done groveling. I know you forgive me for being the worst because you’re the best and that’s what you do.

I have some announcements.

You excited? I know you are. You’re so supportive. I don’t deserve you.

  • Here’s announcement number 1:
    • The online magazine, Feminine Collective published another one of my poems! (yeeeeeee)
      • It’s called Vitamin D” and I think you should read it.
  • Okieee dokie now for announcement number 2:
    • This is also poetry related. I recently started publishing some of my written work on a nifty platform called Vocal Creators (AKA Vocal.Media)! Look at my author profile if you’re fun.
      • The first thing I published on that site was this lil guy right here: Subway Stops
        • Fun fact – this poem wasn’t originally a poem. It was literally just a note I kept on my phone while people-watching on trains. I am creepy, yes. We know this. I really enjoy observing humans in their natural habitats.
      • After my first post, I got a little too excited and felt an uncontrollable urge to post literally all of the words.
      • … so yeah now there are a whole bunch of my poems living on Vocal.Media 
        • Tell me which one is your favorite! If you share any of my work on social media, I swear I’ll tell my future grandchildren about you one day. You’re my favorite soul of all the souls.
          • Hit me up in the Twitter land if that’s your thing. I like Twitter too much.
  • Time for announcement number 3:
    • Remember that time I wrote a book? Yeah same. I forget all the time. Either way, NOT TO BE AND BE OR BE will be available on Kindle oh so very soon!
      • In the meantime, you can buy a physical copy on Amazon for only $6.99.
        • Just saying 😉

Okay I’m bored now with this announcement list format thing.

I’m just going to rant at you casually from henceforth, okay? Sweet. I’ve been overthinking this blog post for quite some time, friends. I’m sorry about that.

Since having moved to New York, my mind’s been flooded with ways to make this website as awesome as possible. I bit off a little more than I could chew, though. From now on, I’m making an active effort to take steps ONE at a TIME like a PERSON. If you’ve been facing similar struggles, I’m glad you’re reading this right now, because we can figure out how to walk like normal people together. It’ll be great. I’m excited.

I’ve decided to stop fixating on what else I need to type in this post. I know it’s rather short, but I’m sure you don’t mind. Less is more, most of the time.

I think it’s time to just release these words to the internet void. (I hear Elsa singing ‘let it GOOOOOO’ in my head right now)

I’ll talk to you soon. I like you a lot.

– Kira

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