This is Me Typing: Part 5

well well well … if it isn’t my favorite human on the planet

Thanks for clicking on this post. You’re magic. I don’t deserve you.

It feels like it’s been literal lifetimes since I last typed at you on this platform.

  • I published This is Me Typing: Part 4 back in June
    • wow so I basically ignored you for like an entire season
      • I’m trash lol
        • please forgive me
      • but also at the same time I’m not THAT mad at myself because it’s not like you and I didn’t get to hang out FREQUENTLY on other platforms of the internet world

I think we’re fine. We both probably needed some space.

I’m happy to be here with you right now

I have so many fun things to tell you

  • ..but before I mentally vomit all of the fun facts I just NEED to say one more dang time that it is so hecking RAD that you clicked on this post with intentions to read my ramblings
    • I legitimately love you
      • even if we’ve never met, seriously I think you deserve to be sent an INFINITE amount of mental high fives
    • I meAN IT

anyway so I don’t know what to talk about first

There’s been a lot of change in my life over the last couple of months

  • .. but also simultaneously there’s been a lot of stuff that hasn’t changed at all
    • life and time are weird concepts
      • I don’t know how I feel about them sometimes
        • I can’t start ruminating about this. I will later
          • maybe
            • *probably
        • (you should probably click on that link right now and go read those thoughts really quick and then come back here and finish reading this blog post if you want)
          • (it’s okay I can wait)
          • (love you)

In summary, a lot has changed but also a lot has not changed

  • Here’s an example… I got a new job (yay!), but also I still eat candy regularly (meh)
    • .. soOooOoo my “adult-ing” points seem to be kind of canceling each other out
      • Being 23 years old is confusing
        • *sigh*

Alright enough stalling. I must tell you things. Are you excited to hear announcement #1??? I know you are. You’re so fantastically supportive I could cry.

I finally started a Words4Food YouTube Page!

look look look look look look at my first video:


(if you want to go subscribe to my channel really quick I totally don’t mind waiting here for a sec)
*high five

I plan on posting a lot of poetry stuff on this platform

  • because as of late I’ve been spending basically all my time immersing myself in the NYC writing community
    • thus I’ve stored up a crap ton of footage of me shouting my feelings at strangers

My channel won’t strictly be centered around poetry, though.

  • I like a lot of things
    • for instance:
      • I like health and fitness and art and brains and music and souls and learning and friendship and everything okay I like everything

Basically all I’m saying is I’m super excited to start sharing all kinds of video content with you!

  • I have way too many ideas
    • The most challenging part for me is going to be figuring out how to work on one project at a time like a productive human haaaa
      • This is always my problem
        • I’m working on it
          • no I’m lying
          • I don’t want to lie to you
            • Hi. My name is Kira and I like to sporadically multi-task and then immediately hibernate/procrastinate for an undetermined amount of time
              • I would like to begin working on this aspect of my personality
          • I feel better now
          • thanks for listening

OKAY this first announcement was actually a pretty nice segue to introduce announcement #2 because..

  • 1) it is also video related
    • and 2) it is also poetry related 

You can officially subscribe to SlamFind (with the offer code ‘WORDS4FOOD’)!

SlamFind??? What the heck is that??? I’m glad you asked.

  • You know how things like Netflix and Hulu work, yes?
    • ya of course you do
      • Binge-watching videos and melting into the couch is the modern norm for entertainment

SlamFind is a new platform for you to binge-watch an infinite amount of poetry content for just $5/month.

  • NO LONGER must you endlessly scroll through the YouTube void trying to locate a recording of spoken word that matches the vibe you’re mentally seeking.
  • You should visit the website and click on the “Trailer” button so you can get a general idea about the kind of quality content that the SlamFind team is offering you.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to help spread the word about this streaming platform. Artists and patrons of the poetry world have been patiently waiting for a resource like this. It is finally here.

  • THAT BEING SAID I’m happy to inform you that you can get 50% off your SlamFind subscription for the first 3 months RIGHT NOW by using my discount code WORDS4FOOD 🙂
    • AKA you can gain access to allllllll the poems your heart desires by paying $2.50/month for 3 months.
      • I know you love saving dollars as much as I do. Dollars are cool.

Go subscribe now. It’ll be worth it.
Do it do it do it. I dare you.

Alrighty, that’s all I have to say about announcement #2. I’m trying not to rant too much because I really want you to read this whole blog post. KEEP PAYING ATTENTION OKAY we’re almost done. I have one more thing to tell you.

It’s time for announcement #3.

  • Thus far in this post, I’ve been mainly talking about poetry stuff and video stuff. This last announcement is also video related (surprise surprise) but instead of being poetry related, it’s actually music related (plot twist am I right?? lol)
  • So here’s a fun fact for you: I’m a singer. I enjoy making sounds with my face
    • and NOW you can listen to my face-sounds on Spotify/Apple Music/etc.
    • I recently had the pleasure of featuring on my good friend SHIVA‘s new track, ‘Go Figure’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

The ‘Go Figure’ music video is now live!

Here it is:

For me to say that helping with this project was amazing would be a massive understatement. Serendipity introduced me to this team less than a year ago. Since then, these guys have become some of my dearest friends. Their collective tenacity and intrinsic drive to create inspired me to build my own confidence in the music world. I’m so excited to see what they do next.
In the mean time, PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO.

  • why should you share it???
    • because you have a HEART
    • I’m going to let SHIVA’s producer Chris Lane explain this matter (via copying and pasting his Facebook status about the video):

Okay I don’t ask for much, but I need y’all for this. Every share of this music video generates proceeds that will go toward providing basic needs to the children in this video and beyond.

1) Please watch it, because it’s amazing

2) I produced the music for this, along with my amazing team that allowed this video, song and cause to take shape!

3) Above all please share the link with your friends and families – If you can successfully empower one other person to share, then we are collectively impacting the lives of these young spirits

I believe in us to make a difference.

As you can now see after reading those words, Chris Lane is an angel and the world doesn’t deserve him. That is all.

I am all done telling you things now.

This has been so nice. I always love the time we spend together, Internet friend. Thank you for reading all the way down to here. I’m going to bake you so many cookies in another life.

I have no idea when we’ll hang out on this website next



– Kira

© Words4Food

PS remember you have homework 🙂


^ if you do all three of these tasks, please let me know via this contact form (OR slide into my DM’s on Instagram) so I can personally thank you for being so beautiful.


*NOTE (10/28/2019) –

Hi friends, me again.
This post has information that is no longer true. My Youtube page has since been deleted. If you’d like to know why, read This Is Me Typing: Part 7.

If you click on any link regarding Youtube, you will be directed to my Instagram. I post videos there.

Thanks 🙂











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  1. I love you and your face songs. Also my smile arched so far it went off my face when I saw you mention me. Your journey is inspiring my own. I’m so glad that we can affect each other this way 🙂 Cheers to our hearts singing again and again.

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